Christmas break a sore reminder for failing Bristol restaurants

As festive fun begins to envelop us all you can be sure the holiday period will be a painful time to reflect on a poor 2013 for some Bristol restaurants.
In July dozens of restaurants were given substandard ratings when the Food Standards Agency assessed them for hygiene, whilst seven of these establishments received no stars and not even one single point.
We wonder if these restaurant owners will even feel like celebrating Christmas, after publicity showing them in such a poor light.
However, they will have very little sympathy from us for their woes.
Owners of restaurants like this deserve to have their tails between their legs because they show disregard for the public.
In 21st century England hygiene is expected and the call for high standards has never been so great.
Sometimes poor businesses get away with their shoddy commercial cleaning standards, but it is not a risk worth taking. Low standards of hygiene dent reputations and can destroy businesses which I’m sure some of these restaurant owners can testify.
Hygiene is a process that always needs keeping on top of and it never stands still. Once a room has been cleaned it immediately starts getting dirtier again.
That is why we at Affordable cleaning services know that businesses have to be vigilant and build hygiene into their psyche.
A safe clean environment should never be considered an afterthought, but the foundation that every food outlet should be built on.
This is a message we will not rest in conveying, until the standards we have at Affordable Cleaning Services become the benchmark for all.

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