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Affordable Cleaning Services Wins National Cleaning Company of the Year 2017 Award

The jury for the British Cleaners Institute: National Cleaning Company of the Year 2017 has announced that Affordable Cleaning Services has won their prestigious award, emphasising Affordable Cleaning Services’ high cleaning quality and management achievement. ​​

In a process spanning several days, 24 experts assessed cleaning standards, complaints procedures, cancelation rates and general customer satisfaction of over 22,000 commercial cleaning companies spanning the entire United Kingdom.

Fantastic News!!

Following our recent success at winning another award we are pleased to say that we are offering a Free Deep Clean for any signed contract with Affordable Cleaning Services.

This Free Deep Clean will be tailor made for your specific requirements and all duties will be carried out by our highly trained, competent and professional team at a time that is suitable for you.

Don’t delay and take advantage of this fantastic offer and get your businesses ready for the festive period.

Is Hidden Dirt in Your Carpets Making Your Employees Sick?

How clean are your carpets? Most of us don’t ever give the cleanliness of our carpets much thought until they really begin to look bad. That’s a mistake that many people make in businesses all over the UK. What you must remember is that even though your carpet may look clean, it can be harboring dangerous bacteria, mold, dust mites and insects that can make your employees and your customers sick.

Why is your carpet the perfect host for bacteria, mold and insects? When you think about it, your carpet has everything these things need to sustain life; moisture, nutrients brought in from the outside world and an attachable surface for them to attach to. Sure, you vacuum regularly and that does help; vacuuming alone can reduce up to 85% of harmful bacteria, mold and insects, but what about the other 15%?

To remove 100% of mold, bacteria, mites and other insects from your carpets, you need professional carpet cleaning services. When you consider what your carpet goes through on a daily basis, soil from people’s feet, hair, dropped food and beverages and a host of dead insects, it can be quite disgusting. And the foot traffic alone in the average business will grind all of this soil and debris down within a day.

Commercial carpet cleaning is the only way to remove this dirt and debris and protect your customers and employees from a variety of illnesses. You might also notice that the air in your office is cleaner due to the reduction of mold and dust mites making your business not only look cleaner, but smell better as well.

Don’t let your carpets be a source of sickness; call Affordable Cleaning today and have your carpets professionally cleaned to protect the health of your employees and customers.

Top 10 Dirtiest Areas in Your Office

Did you know that there are certain areas in your office that are dirtier than others and that every one of your employees touch these areas multiple times each and every day? According to experts, a daily quick-clean of these areas just isn’t enough and, left unchecked, these areas can cause your employees to get sick more often and utilize more of their sick days costing you time and money.

Now, let’s get back to those areas that are dirtier than others. Can you guess where they are? If you said employee restroom, you would be close, but wrong. In fact, a recent swab study conducted by cleaning product manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark Professional, lists the following areas as having the highest concentrations of adenosine triphosphate, a molecule produced by germ cells that can make you very ill:

  1. Break Room Sink
  2. Microwave Door Handle
  3. Keyboards
  4. Refrigerator Door Handle
  5. Water Fountain Buttons
  6. Vending Machine Buttons
  7. Computer Mice
  8. Desk Phones
  9. Coffee Pots
  10.  Coffee Dispensers

Now, I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see some of these areas listed and, if you are at work right now on your computer, you are touching at least two of these areas right now and will possibly touch more throughout the course of your day. What can you do about this? Kimberly-Clark Professional states that normal, everyday cleaning is sometimes not enough.

To effectively improve the cleanliness of your office and to prevent employee illnesses, it is best to contract with a professional cleaning service that understands what it takes to kill germs and keep your office space clean and your employees healthy.

Affordable Cleaning provides a wide range of professional commercial cleaning services that are effective and affordable. Why risk an employee illness and the subsequent downtime that comes with it when you can have the cleanest office space in the building? Contact us today!

Stop In For a Visit

A lot of businesses say they have an open door policy where at almost any given time, their clients can stop in and see them. Do you think they really mean it? I mean, can any of us everyday people just stroll into a major corporation and take a look around, maybe get a tour and have a chat with the CEO?

Here at Affordable Cleaning, we are different; we really do have an open door policy and any of our clients can stop in to our new 4 story central Bristol head office and any time and we will welcome you with open arms. Even if you aren’t one of our clients, stop in anyway and see what Affordable Cleaning has to offer. Who knows, you may end up leaving as a client anyway!

Why do we do this? Why do we invite our clients in to see us and maybe have a cup of tea? We feel that this is the best way to build a solid working relationship with someone and to show our clients that we are an open and transparent company whose main focus is our clients themselves. We believe in offering customer service that is beyond compare and that will show our loyal customers that we truly value their patronage.

When you need professional level cleaning for your business or residential space, you can call just about anyone. But when you need professional grade cleaning, a fully backed service guarantee and a group of the friendliest people you have ever met, you call Affordable Cleaning and experience the difference quality and caring make.

So stop on in and see us sometime. We’ll welcome you in and offer you a cup of tea if you like. You can meet our team, tour our beautiful new building and find out how Affordable Cleaning is staying at the cutting edge of the eco-friendly cleaning industry. Come on over, we’ll hold the door for you.

Endorsed by The Queen of Clean

I am quite sure that we are all familiar with the Queen of Clean. You know, that tightly braided bun atop her head and that definitive Hampshire sound in her voice. Kim Woodburn is TV’s Queen of Clean and she personally endorses and recommends Affordable Cleaning for all of your clean home or business needs.

Being famous for cleaning up messes is a tough job but it is one that we feel Kim wouldn’t trade for anything. She has starred in many television shows including I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!, This Morning, Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Hotel GB and, most famously, How Clean is Your House? With so many TV credits to her name, one would assume that she doesn’t have time to do her own cleaning any more. We can be sure they are wrong as we believe that Kim Woodburn will always be found with a scrub brush in her hand and a mop soon to follow.

For those of you who don’t have the cleaning prowess of the Queen of Clean, there’s Affordable Cleaning. Call on us and we will do the cleaning for you. Our residential and office cleaning services are guaranteed by us and endorsed by Kim Woodburn herself.

Our cleaning teams produce a clean area from top to bottom while offering the lowest prices in the UK. From the moment we arrive on site until the last dustbin is emptied, Affordable Cleaning will offer levels of professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else at any price. Not only do you get a leading UK cleaning company endorsed and recommended by Kim Woodburn, but you also get the Affordable Cleaning Iron-Clad Guarantee; if you are not happy with our services, we will come back and clean it until you are. Just another way Affordable Cleaning is working hard to bring you a new level of clean that your family, co-workers and business associates will notice.

Clean or messy desk?

People in tidy work environments show more generosity and healthier food choices, while those in messy environments are more willing to be creative and take risks, according to a University of Minnesota study.

Do you prefer to work at a tidy desk with everything arranged just so? Congratulations – you’re probably a healthy eater, generous with your cash, and good at following rules.

But if you’ve got a cluttered desk piled with magazines, Post-its and paperwork, take heart – you might be a creative thinker and an idea machine.

The results come from a study published in the journal Psychological Science, in which researchers at the University of Minnesota designed a series of experiments to test the effects of an orderly or disorderly work environment on people’s behavior.

Specifically, said lead researcher Kathleen Vohs, a consumer psychologist and professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, they wanted to see if there were any positive effects of working in a messy environment.

Previous studies have shown that cleanliness promotes good behavior, such as not committing crimes and displaying generosity.

“If a clean environment is all about doing what’s expected, then what does it mean to be doing things people don’t expect of you?” Vohs said. “That sounded like a loose definition of innovation and creativity.”

Festive strain to show poor cleaning standards

The annual festive season will see the busiest time of the year for all food outlets throughout the country as loved ones get together for a meal, drink and merriment and the kebab lust is induced by a pint or 10.
From our considerable experience we can safely predict that it will see some standards lapse, and it will be a crucial time for many of eateries in terms of their reputation.
This is the time when cracks appear in a business’s hygiene and whilst some will be paper thin some will be a chasm.

Continue reading Festive strain to show poor cleaning standards

Christmas break a sore reminder for failing Bristol restaurants

As festive fun begins to envelop us all you can be sure the holiday period will be a painful time to reflect on a poor 2013 for some Bristol restaurants.
In July dozens of restaurants were given substandard ratings when the Food Standards Agency assessed them for hygiene, whilst seven of these establishments received no stars and not even one single point. Continue reading Christmas break a sore reminder for failing Bristol restaurants