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We work closely at all times with our clients to ensure that they receive a consistency in a high level of quality cleaning and support services. To do this we have put in place an effective and innovative quality management system that we are constantly reviewing to keep up to date with current industry demands and more importantly the demands of our clients.


Account management

At Affordable Cleaning Services we believe our management team is the highest and most dynamic in the industry. We invest time in sourcing talent within our company and across the sector to ensure we attract the best people into our senior roles. With an on-going investment in technology, and training we aim to find the best people and ensure that they stay with us.

One of the most intrinsically vital criteria of ensuring the successful management of any cleaning contract is clear communication. If this can be achieved at the conception of a working relationship then both client and contractor can work together constructively.

We consider relationships and feedback essential for success and therefore ask for regular feedback.

If you need an immediate response to a situation, your allotted Operations Manager is fully contactable. Constant fluid liaison between yourself and the Management team will ensure you always have an Operations Manager who is fully abreast with the on-going status of the contract operation.



At Affordable Cleaning Services we care deeply about the environment, and we don’t rest on our laurels, taking actions to help the planet. We know that our actions could have a negative impact for tomorrow’s generation. We feel that managing environmental issues should involve everybody, as well as recognising our day to day work could have an impact on the environment. We are committed to continuous improvements in our green policy, specifically the reduction of carbon emissions as a result of our daily business.


Health & safety

Affordable Cleaning Services Limited is committed to the health and safety of our employees and anybody affected by our work. We are aware of our legal obligations and that failure to meet the requirements of the law could have serious consequences for us. We know that it is our responsibility to take care of our staff and ensure they work safely and we take this moral responsibility extremely seriously.

The provision of a safe and healthy working environment for anyone who comes in contact with our operations, is a priority. Risk Assessments are conducted by our Operations Management team, who evaluate the risks to health and take the actions needed to eliminate or reduce these risks.

Our Operations Management team and site supervisors manage the day-to-day Health & Safety issues, ensuring all employees work in a safe manner whilst performing their duties. We embrace and promote high Health & Safety standards throughout our company and our operations.


Recruitment & vetting

Our Head Office Management teams work in unison, and are 100% committed to ensuring that our directly employed cleaning personnel are supported and motivated to deliver excellence above our client’s expectations.

Affordable Cleaning Services operates stringent vetting procedures when employing new personnel, working closely with The Border Agency adhering to their guidelines.

Following a formal 2 stage and 3 stage interview all new personnel are required to complete an Affordable Cleaning Services employment application pack, which has to be validated with original travel and Identification documents proving a right to work in the UK.

We also sub contract many positions of cleaning to outstanding and reliable contractors to ensure whatever the job, regardless of size, we will always be able to to help. We only use cleaning contractors who have years of experience and are fit for the client’s requirements. This ensures a high standard of cleaning is always achieved as we only use the best and most experienced contractors available.