Spencer Delbridge, Founder & CEO

Spencer is the visionary, the man whose drive, enthusiasm and a passion for change has created one of Britain’s most progressive and admired companies.

His infectious devotion to raising cleaning standards has even won over Britain’s best-known cleaner Kim Woodburn, who endorses and recommends the company.

A man who believes in meticulous standards he has set about creating a workforce who share the same core values of excellence and an ability to exceed expectations.

When he isn’t boldly directing the Affordable Group of companies’ Vision, he is a proud father of two young boys and a long-suffering fan of Newcastle United.

Jennifer Townsend, Director of Operations

Jennie (as she likes to be known) has ran a multi-million-pound commercial cleaning company for over 10 years, something she did with passion, dedication and incredible work ethic towards her customers and cleaners. Jennie is truly loved by all her customers, big or small, as do all her loyal staff.

Affordable Cleaning Services are thankful to have someone of Jennie’s calibre overseeing our valued customers, ensuring they receive the multi-award-winning service we pride ourselves on. This company could not be in better hands and our customers feel very lucky to have someone so utterly dedicated to ensuring their happiness.

Out of work Jennie has been a professional ice skater and enjoys nothing more than teaching her 5 beautiful daughters how to show jump their 2 horses.

Samantha Carroll, Director of Finance

Samantha has really helped us continue to grow from a solid financial foundation by keeping a close eye on the purse strings.

She is a part of our success story and can often be found working tirelessly on a range of financial matters ensuring the company is as well run on the financial side, as it is on the sales and operational side.

As a Mum and qualified personal trainer, Samantha still has a hunger for keeping the body in shape, and when given the rare opportunity to relax likes nothing better than re-treating to the awe-inspiring landscape of the Welsh mountains.

Michael Belmont, Area Contract Manager

Michael has been in the industry he loves for over many years; Michael has an excellent background in customer care of the highest standard.

With his selfless devotion to his customers’ happiness and his unwavering willingness to work all hours of the day and night to make sure his customers, whom he treats with the same respect as if they were personal friends, feel they are getting a world-class service each and every day. Michael takes it as a badge of honour and huge personal pride after each contract he has organised has gone as planned with a happy customer at the end of it.

When Michael finally drags himself away from his work duties, he likes nothing more than taking his daughter to the park and a good night out at a pub quiz

Beth Badman, Area Contract Manager

With the benefit of youthful enthusiasm, knowledge and a genuine wiliness to go above and beyond while often working on days off, Beth’s helpfulness is immeasurable from facilities, customer care, cleaning services and as an all-round problem solver.

Beth is an integral part of keeping this great company running smoothly at all times and is an unsung hero within our ranks. Every company needs a ‘Beth’, and we are proud and pleased to call this Beth one of our own.

When not being our go to lady whilst in work, Beth loves nothing more than talking about cars and nights out with her friends.

Rylan Skinner, Accountant

While deciding what he wanted to do when he left school, Rylan worked with his dad who is an accountant. After working with him, he decided it was the way he wanted to spend his career. He went to college, training in accountancy and, along with his dad, looked after many small businesses across the south west.

When he was working with his dad he gained a lot of experience about all sides of accountancy and account management. It is something he enjoys doing as it requires being organised and being responsible for his own work. He works well to deadlines and being under pressure which can often be the case in accounts!

Outside of work, Rylan is very outgoing and loves spending time with his wife and 3 boys. He plays football, and the occasional round of golf, even though he admits he is terrible!

Steve Wood, Mobile Supervisor

Steve has been working for the company since 2011 as a Mobile Cleaner. He enjoys meeting clients and employees wherever he goes, creating lasting friendships with many. With the use of a Car and phone he can do the job successfully.

He is a happy outgoing person , who treats everyone with respect. With the daily changing, rota, he finds the work exciting and challenging , and says it has helped his confidence immensely.


Mircea “Ricky” Balcangiu, Mobile Supervisor

Ricky is a mobile supervisor who enjoys getting our cleaners from multiple sites to work their hardest in order to get our clients the best results possible. He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy, is always glad to help anyone, and isn’t afraid of a challenge. His outgoing personality has helped him become one of our most popular employees among his co-workers as well as our clients.

When Ricky gets the chance to take holiday, he enjoys travelling to his home in Romania to visit his family and friends.


At Affordable Cleaning Services we are proud that the British Cleaners Institute has bestowed upon us their National Excellence Award for service and cleaning standards 4 times.

We feel these prestigious national awards for cleaning standards and customer satisfaction are a stamp of approval on how we are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of hygiene excellence.

This was not the first time we received accolades for our work either, with us recipients of the National Business Achievements awards in December 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 for excellence in cleaning standards, systems, and management of a cleaning company.