Stop In For a Visit

A lot of businesses say they have an open door policy where at almost any given time, their clients can stop in and see them. Do you think they really mean it? I mean, can any of us everyday people just stroll into a major corporation and take a look around, maybe get a tour and have a chat with the CEO?

Here at Affordable Cleaning, we are different; we really do have an open door policy and any of our clients can stop in to our new 4 story central Bristol head office and any time and we will welcome you with open arms. Even if you aren’t one of our clients, stop in anyway and see what Affordable Cleaning has to offer. Who knows, you may end up leaving as a client anyway!

Why do we do this? Why do we invite our clients in to see us and maybe have a cup of tea? We feel that this is the best way to build a solid working relationship with someone and to show our clients that we are an open and transparent company whose main focus is our clients themselves. We believe in offering customer service that is beyond compare and that will show our loyal customers that we truly value their patronage.

When you need professional level cleaning for your business or residential space, you can call just about anyone. But when you need professional grade cleaning, a fully backed service guarantee and a group of the friendliest people you have ever met, you call Affordable Cleaning and experience the difference quality and caring make.

So stop on in and see us sometime. We’ll welcome you in and offer you a cup of tea if you like. You can meet our team, tour our beautiful new building and find out how Affordable Cleaning is staying at the cutting edge of the eco-friendly cleaning industry. Come on over, we’ll hold the door for you.

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