Top 10 Dirtiest Areas in Your Office

Did you know that there are certain areas in your office that are dirtier than others and that every one of your employees touch these areas multiple times each and every day? According to experts, a daily quick-clean of these areas just isn’t enough and, left unchecked, these areas can cause your employees to get sick more often and utilize more of their sick days costing you time and money.

Now, let’s get back to those areas that are dirtier than others. Can you guess where they are? If you said employee restroom, you would be close, but wrong. In fact, a recent swab study conducted by cleaning product manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark Professional, lists the following areas as having the highest concentrations of adenosine triphosphate, a molecule produced by germ cells that can make you very ill:

  1. Break Room Sink
  2. Microwave Door Handle
  3. Keyboards
  4. Refrigerator Door Handle
  5. Water Fountain Buttons
  6. Vending Machine Buttons
  7. Computer Mice
  8. Desk Phones
  9. Coffee Pots
  10.  Coffee Dispensers

Now, I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see some of these areas listed and, if you are at work right now on your computer, you are touching at least two of these areas right now and will possibly touch more throughout the course of your day. What can you do about this? Kimberly-Clark Professional states that normal, everyday cleaning is sometimes not enough.

To effectively improve the cleanliness of your office and to prevent employee illnesses, it is best to contract with a professional cleaning service that understands what it takes to kill germs and keep your office space clean and your employees healthy.

Affordable Cleaning provides a wide range of professional commercial cleaning services that are effective and affordable. Why risk an employee illness and the subsequent downtime that comes with it when you can have the cleanest office space in the building? Contact us today!

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  1. Nice blog here! Setting up systems and sticking to them allows you to work smarter while you work harder. It also gives the impression that you’re on top of things when your boss makes an impromptu visit to your office.

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